Caitlin Baiata is an American artist. She received her BFA from the University of New Hampshire. While attending UNH she sold and exhibited her work and started a community gallery space. After living and working in Santiago, Chile, Baiata moved to NYC and earned her Master's degree from Pratt Institute. She lived and exhibited in NYC for 6 years before moving to Neptune Beach, FL. Baiata currently exhibits and sells her work internationally. 

Caitlin Baiata works with the concept of memory in her studies, often beginning with a specific experience — either her own or inspired by a photograph. Memory is fluid; figures are intentionally kept loose and gestural. She plays with paint. Like memory, it's sometimes lush and vibrant, sometimes thin and dripping away. Land and seascapes are broad and dreamy, stripped of specificity. Color, composition and mood dominate the landscape.  

Baiata creates paintings that use the personal to access the universal, allowing viewers to drift into an emotive sense of time and space.