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About us – who we are

Bea Dušek, married, one son
Bea is art oriented since her early childhood and maybe for that reason she has an extraordinary sense for design. She recognized her passion for upholstery, while she lived in England during her professional career in medical research. As of 2012, she started to produce accent chairs and each project turns into a piece of art, where frame of the chair turns into a frame of the painting. Her emphasis are always to create an original and unique product. Quality materials, upscale fabrics and unique design is something she requires in every single activity. She picks for her clients chair frame,advices on the frame colour finish and fabric design, ensuring the product will match the interior. Bea collaborates with Designers Guild (fabric manufacturer) and in the near future, she would like to launch her own chair product line.  Bea works together with her husband Adam is a woodworking specialist.

Dieter Hanf, married, one sonInformal art education by his father, who was a very talented amateur artist, started to work withfine art photography in 1978 as self-employed photographer, but changed his profession severaltimes, after studying philosophy and German language to work as a teacher today. Dieter did Fine ArtPhotography all the years without exhibit his art. In January 2018, he decided to publish his artworksat LinkedIn and got wide international attention and invitations to exhibition straight away. He is oneof the EDGIC artists showed his art in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, as well as Zurich, New York and will bepresented in Barcelona in October and is represented by MJR Gallery, GB as well as Oyster Gallery,Pakistan.Nearly all his art is based on photography, no matter if it refers to documentary, abstracts orfigurative art. Dieter loves to play with genres, extend all limits to show hidden aspects of life. Heloves to create big formats and large series up to 30 pieces.