Karolina Venter was born in Debrecen, Hungary near the end of the communist era. As a young girl, she developed a strong interest in the Fine Arts. Her mother recognised her skills at an early age and has greatly supported Karolina's passion throughout her life. By the age of 14, she was selected to attend

and cultivate her artistic talent in one of Hungary's most renowned Arts School - (Secondary School of Visual Arts).

Early in her education, she was mentored by Zoltan Kiss (1949-2014). He was a teacher, painter and visual artist. His talent and passion for the Arts has prepared her for her journey as she often thinks back to his many lessons.

One important lesson she took away from Zoltan was to gain a “proper trades skill” as painter/artist jobs in the early 2000s were scarce in Budapest. She took his advice and focussed her secondary school training in leather design.


Upon graduating High School, she gained acceptance to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and flourished during her first year as an undergraduate student. In her second year, however, her family made a life-changing decision to migrate to the other side of the world - Sydney, Australia. Language, culture, food and climate were major changes for Karolina however, after working as a domestic cleaner while studying English for her first year in Sydney, she was ready to complete her undergraduate studies in Applied Arts and Design.

Karolina completed her Diploma in Fashion Design and Certificate IV in Design and Textile Printing at TAFE Ultimo, Sydney in 2012.


During the first couple of years out of TAFE, language and cultural differences compounded her struggles of finding work in Australia's fashion industry. However, her persistence was strong, and she was determined to make it as a full-time artist no matter what obstacles were in her way - and this is what makes

her work unique.


Karolina's painting today is heavily influenced by textile, fashion and fibre art. Ornamental elements such as patterns, repeats, stitch-work, mixed media is present in many of her current works. She is a multi-talented artist

with a variety of interests that keep her works unique, fresh and visionary. Her inspiration to create comes from an innate urge to experiment and constantly expand her vision. Learning new skills is essential in her process as she incorporates these skills to create the unusual, the authentic, the beautiful.

Karolina enjoys painting nudes, landscapes, portraits, animals, abstract on canvas, walls, surfboards, skateboards, basically anything and everything. Her art knows no limit in themes, styles, techniques and expression. She loves creating and the process that comes with it.