The Flow of Creativity.

"your true path like water flows, dissolves, dances, falls, rises, is one with everything".

My work resonates with the spirit of "flow and fluidity". Flow which alludes to a whole range of phenomena including the natural, the psychic and the spiritual worlds. My interest in "flow" relates to my immersion in the flow of creative thought and its influence on health, happiness and well being, psychological and physical.

"Water is essential to life it carries and supplies the essence within and life all around".

Yet it is being in nature that I find the language of this "flow" work. The flowing of the rivers, the streams, the lapping of the ocean onto the land; waterfalls and fountains all indicate the power of water to adapt and change as it meanders or powers in its cyclical nature.

soft water breaks the hardest stone yet without it we would just be bones

"white water black water grey water water does not judge its use to serve, content to be, in truth".

And so I explore the nature of flow through the flow of nature. "When you flow like water you bring all of your talents and resources to your creative work... Flow around every obstacle you encounter, including any you've erected yourself." (Eric Maisel)

"Be as water

as you are,

flowing to where you go

unafraid of high or low".

(All works in this piece are by Yorkshire Artist John Holt from his series of "Flow Maps", large drawings 5ftx3ft exploring the topography of spiritual landscapes as though one was viewing them as a bird flying above and seeing the landscape below). 2020.

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