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We want to showcase the beauty, diversity and power of art, while encouraging everyone to be creative and share what they love. Whether you’re a budding artist, an art enthusiast or just curious about the art world, MJR Gallery is the blog for you.


Ulrich de Balbian

Born 1944 from parents (father Dutch-French)(mother German), in several countries where his parents lived and worked, thus diverse education and knowledge of several languages. Father veterinarian, mother medical doctor. University degrees in Art, social sciences, Philosophy, religion. Worked as researcher in sociology and sociological theory, as well as lecturer in art, religion and philosophy. Initial art education in the line of Paul Klee, Kandinsky, and French Expressionist such as Monet, and contemporary painters influenced by them. He intentionally choose to work as a painter, rather than any of the more gimmicky and fashionable genres of the day such as performance art or installations.He has ateliers in several countries, including France, Spain and South Africa and has British nationality, among others. Research western painterly techniques and the structures of the western painterly code or discourse through the ages; especially interested in Bauhaus, Klee, Kandinsky, Picasso, Expressionists, some Impressionists such as Monet, and the contemporary artists influenced by them. In every work of mine I share with you one aspect of my aesthetic ideals and vision. Principles and factors that hopefully will introduce eternally lasting qualities into and transform the discourse of painting, like the works of the handful of serious artists have done over the ages. Lectured and published books and articles in philosophy (eg ontology and epistemology), theology, world religions, art, social sciences and other subjects. Spiritually ( or theologically) especially interested in the mystical traditions (of prayer, contemplation and thesis or the unity experience )in Christianity (Western, Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy), Vedanta's self-realization, Buddhism's satori, Sufism. PHILOSOPHY AND ART THERAPY for individuals, by appointment by Dr Ulrich de Balbian (wrote 100 books on philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, art, former academic in those subjects).



NIGHT TIME ART TOURS BY TORCH LIGHT We have discovered a great new original way to entertain guests by depriving them of light in order to get them to truly experience our art works. With senses being heightened once in a dark, quiet space, the artworks jump out at you as if they are alive. This is a great way to reset and is equally special in groups couples and team building experiences.

SELF CATERING ART ROOM We will be catering to art guest from all over the world. For your convenience a small and simple art room has been set up. Affordable alternative to hotels when visiting our home studio gallery.

ART FOUNDATION Ulrich de Balbian Fine Art Foundation in Moorreesburg Western Cape South Africa, is nestled in the heart of the West Coast Swartland wine lands among thriving art community, galleries and museums. We are an hour's drive from Cape Town Airport on the N7 Namibia route.

CONTACT US Delton Young 0844604541/0748442956 Manager/curator and resident artist. Moorreesburg vierde laan 17 Western Cape South Africa

ARCHIVES Some of our archiving effort through the years. This way of viewing any one of the paintings in the archives is what we do with the painting after it has been completed. Ulrich de Balbian has essentially created an endless way to experience and view even one of his pieces. He works in series of 2 3 5 8 10 12 ,ect. He has been known to abandon an idea after completion of a series,and start from scratch with a completely new concept, and work the project to completion, and doing it all over again. This gives a completely new perspective one his retrospect or body of work. The way he works and changes his ways of working give such diversity to his work that if a number of his works would hang side by side one would think that more than 20 different artists have created what he has. This in itself is very rare to find, have most serious artist develop and stick to a certain style and or theme/s. The amount of work that has been created is staggering. Hundreds of thousands of paintings have been created through out the past ten years. With all the variations and reproductions, perhaps even millions of works by him in this time frame. As much work is in studios he has in Britain Spain and France. His extensive research in the visual art field in the past ten years has produced some of the most astoundingly beautiful artworks in the world. From amazingly complex, to essentially simplistic and minimalism. One has to experience the works in person to truly grasp the exceptional quality and standard of any one of his works. An experience like no other when one sit with one of his packs of paintings and flip through them like a book. An endless story unfolds before you as one series after the others send shivers down your spine as you remember that one man created these beauty's. Each piece is like a visual symphony. Our collector special, offers a great and affordable way to get relax in our collectors suite and timely brows the library whilst getting to know the artist late in his years, and get a deep and meaningful art experience and walk away satisfied that he got the very best experience and the very best pieces. Ulrich works in series, so to brake up a series by selling one or two paintings is in all likely hood not going to happen ON THE SHELF THIS MONTH


COMMUNITY PROJECT as artists and nature lovers, we have started a project on recycling materials and teaching the less educated on new ways of reusing what is considered trash. Thus helping our community find new and creative ways of either making a living and or solving real world problems with creativ

e and constructive results physically mentally and emotionally. This positive attitude has its way of rubbing off on the rest of the community. Donations to this cause can be made directly or via our banking details. STAFF Delton Young: Manager/Curator +27/ 0844604541/0748442956 Franscesca Smit: Curatorial assistant Dr Ulrich de Balbian: author/artist. recluse contemplative hermit monk. 0844604541 MY VAULT In here you will find what I consider to be some of my special works. Allot will be added in time as I discover more that I think can make this list. This would be my most prized works and will not easily part ways with me.

BANKING DETAILS Standard Bank: Delton Young. +27 (0)844604541 Savings account: 10083181227 Branch: 051001 Moorreesburg. South Africa. WE USE PAYFAST FOR SECURE PAYMENT We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard), EFT, MOBICRED, ZAPPER, MASTERPASS, SCODE, ATM debit cards. You will receive a bill and request for payment via PAYFAST. ARTICLE IN NEWSPAPER ABOUT THE ART FOUNDATION ARTICLE IN ART TIMES ABOUT ULRICH DE BALBIAN September 2012 Corrected websites: You Tube Ulrich de Balbian 80 videos for example

THE SOUTH AFRICAN ARTS DIARY 2013 INTERVIEW WITH ULRICH DE BALBIAN INTERVIEW WITH ULRICH DE BALBIAN Interview Ulrich de Balbian – ulrichdebalbian Mar 21, 2013 - see my interview with images here You visited this page on 2020/02/08. › 2013/07/13 › ulrich-de-balbian-inte... Ulrich de Balbian – Interview with images – ulrichdebalbian Jul 13, 2013 - › 2012/06 › in-depth-chat-with-inspiring-pai... In-depth chat with inspiring painter Ulrich de Balbian | SA ... Art, Interviews June 14, 2012. In-depth chat with inspiring painter Ulrich de Balbian. banner-970x90f. Who is Ulrich de Balbian and what do you do? I am in my ... You've visited this page 4 times. Last visit: 2020/02/08 THE CREATIVE NETWORK

ART, INTERVIEWS JUNE 14, 2012 IN-DEPTH CHAT WITH INSPIRING PAINTER ULRICH DE BALBIAN Who is Ulrich de Balbian and what do you do? I am in my sixties, born of a German mother and Dutch-French father. I lived and studied in a number of countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain.I have doctorates in Philosophy and Theology and qualifications in Social Science and Fine Art.When i was young I did sociological research in South Africa, so I know certain areas, of this vast and very diverse (culturally and geographically) country.I worked as an academic (philosophy, art and world religions) so that I did not have to be dependent on the Art Industry for a living. Through philosophy I reflected deeply on many aspects of existence, including culture and more specially art, and the Western painting genre. I specify Western as it is very different from the painting traditions from Asia, China, India, Arabic countries, etc. As social scientist and philosopher (I published fifteen books in that discipline, two in theology and others) researched socio-cultural aspects of art , for example the code of the discourse or socio-cultural; practice of Western Painting. As well as the Art Industry and Market. Many people interested in art and artists do not realize that the centre of the Art Market has shifted from the West (1) US, 2) UK, 3) France, 4) Germany) to Asia (1)China, 2)Taiwan, 3)Hong Kong, 4) Korea, 5)Singapore). Major Art Fairs and Biennales are held in those countries and Private Collectors built their own museums, as there used to be few national museums as in the west. Those private museum collections can compare with the best national Museums in the West. I mention the art Market and Industry as I question the traditional system of commercial galleries, auctions and the influence of billionaire collectors on the price of works of art. I am a maverick and rebel as far as these things are concerned and i am not allowing them to control my type of work. Too many artists, similar to the rest of the popular entertainment industry, felt the need to produce sensational work, so as to be noticed. I never was dependent on the art industry as I had other spruces of income as academic. I retired at forty from that so as to work full time on my art, and writing. I have studios in South Africa, Spain and France. How would you define your style or art? The lengthy introduction above had a serious point. I wished to show that I question all aspects of art, and especially painting. I intentionally choose to paint, in the Western tradition, instead of working in the so-called New Media, creating installations, performance art, ready made, etc. I think and hope that there still is mileage in the Western tradition of painting. I see my work as totally experimental and a kind of serious research. Not merely in a cerebral or rational manner, but first of all on a sub-conscious level, exploring how we think about objects, how we perceive them, etc I work piecemeal, something like Wittgensteinian philosophers, exploring every detail of the process of painting, bit by bit. Each of these bits are developed into a series of paintings. I do not have one single style, but gradually discovered that I unintentionally work in series (of 2, 3, 4, 5, etc). The only other artist I have come across who works in this manner is the German Gerhard Richter. If someone wishes to understand my work better they should study his work (as well as Paul Klee, Kandinsky and the ideas of the Bauhaus) as he is my predecessor. I do not follow or copy him, but work in the same tradition as he, and they, did. It appears as if I do not have one single style and that my work – the different series – is merely random, but this is not the case. The larger picture will reveal that my entire work form one unit, in other words the seemingly random aspects, as in Chaos Theory, will be shown to make more sense in the totality. Given all the above, my questioning of all aspects of the discourse or socio-cultural tradition of painting, the manner in which our minds (thinking, perception, etc), emotions and trial consciousness operates – leads to what I termed New Styles, a style beyond one and all styles. My work has a deeply spiritual side. Not in the narrow meaning of the word as forming part of a particular religion, but as tuning into the Ground or basis of existence of human beings, the earth and the entire Universe. Or rather the many universes or multi-verse, as scientists are expressing it. All this might appear to be very abstract, but painting and the process of painting is something totally concrete. But, by means of paint, brushes, etc I attempt to arrive more and more at the (he)art of Creation, the underlying Ground or basis of all of Creation, of the building blocks of the Universe. This has many similarities to the research of scientists of phenomena that are not visible to the human eye, but that can only be thought in complex mathematical formulae. By means of painting I make Visible that what is until that moment, Invisible to usual human thinking. Most people think in a dualistic manner (because they are socialised like that), but the non-dual way tells us that the subject who perceives, the object that is perceived and the process of perception is ONE whole (all religions, contemplatives and those who meditate attempt to arrive at this non-dual, direct way of perceiving,. or of being one/d with that what is perceived). I express the above like this in the context of looking at my work: The human mind treats smaller paintings as if it is looking AT an object or a thing such as a table or chair. But larger works are experienced (like installations) as if one is part of them and participate in them. Now that you know this please do not treat these images as if they are just more objects or things you look AT, but experience and participate in them. I always express what I think abstractly in this kind of very concrete manner. And, by this simple example the point of all my seemingly abstract talk suddenly comes together as something very concrete, and thereby shows that matter (concrete painting and the stuff a painting is made of) and the spirit (ual) is one – merely two different ways of looking at the same thing. Two perspectives on the same thing, like the two sides of a coin, or looking at a house from the front, the back, the sides, above. All the different points of view contribute to one thing. In the tradition of Abstract painting, Braque, Picasso and others tried to express this unity of many perspectives in a certain manner. I explore and express or do it in a different way. What inspires your work? I am first of all a painter for the sake of the Western tradition of painting. By this I mean, if it were not for certain painters who existed before me and explored and developed this tradition of painting, I would not have been able to think the way I do, and explore the process of painting in the manner I am doing. I form part of this tradition. To feel part of this tradition is what inspires me to paint – over and over again. As Richter said: one must be passionate about doing this stupid thing of being all alone most of the time because if one were not passionate about it, then for adults to play around with paint, colours, etc would be nothing but mere idiocy. I paint because I must, I cannot not do it – like some people need to eat, drink, drive very fast, I must paint. The last part of why is because, I paint for the handful; of serious painters of every generation or century who also feel obliged to paint. Therefore, first of all I paint for a few other members of the discourse or the interpersonal (intersubjective) community of artists or painters, especially those who are yet unborn. If I could add anything to the discourse of painting, explore, question, modify and develop its interpersonal code, then my life had some meaning. Of course, I cannot judge this and it will only be seen more clearly, what and if anything, I did contribute to this discourse. I suppose I, like all serious artists, have a certain aesthetic ideal and vision, and that will be expressed as my work. If it is the case that anyone else find anything in any of my work, well – that always astonish me. That is the cherry on top of all the being alone, doubts, questionings, searches, and so on. I think something does happen in or through my work, because I have come across a number of people who react with: stunning, it pulls me endlessly into it; I must look at it over and over again. That is what a good painting always did to me. I had to look at a Klee, Twombly, and Richter etc, over and over again, and again return to look at it. It is as if one is hypnotized by it, one’s mind is blown away, one experiences or ‘sees’, something, perhaps like the first day of the creation of the universe, like first seeing one’s newborn baby – a bundle of massive potentials — for good, bad, or whatever. You are about to take off to the USA, why are you going there and what lead to this? Someone entered a few of my works for a competition called ‘Artists Wanted’. If one were to receive more than 777 “likes” one progress to the next round. In a few weeks my site – – received more than a 1000 visits and the necessary number of ‘likes’. The work of the winner will be shown on the gigantic billboard at Times Square, New York. I am now through to the final round and my work, with the work of other finalists will be shown at a VIP party on bright LED screens (9 ft x 12 ft) located on Broadway and 43rd Street. The Times Square Billboard Premier Event will consist of a number of famous US singers and groups. I will also be visiting two museums who wish to acquire my work. What are you currently working on? Like, every day – putting the last series behind me, and feeling my way, completely open-minded, into the beginning of another series. Until I begin another series, I am a bundle of dynamite fuse that has been lit, and that must find some way to explode – like racehorse permanently at the beginning of a race. What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do? It is a very, very lonely road, do not do it for any external rewards. I do not mean students who attend Art School with the purpose to obtain a degree, so as to get work, but those few who realize that they must work in some area of art, they have almost no choice in the matter – it is as if one is driven on. This is both a curse and the greatest joy – to end up in the middle of creating something that did not exist before, a new vision of the world, always nearer to the art, the heart of Creation, the act of creating, but never close enough, yet. Because, when one has finished, one must start all over again. In other words: be prepared for work, endless work, and always questioning what you have done and what you are doing. It is something very mundane, totally concrete, and forget about glory, fame and other rewards – those things are short lived and pass quickly. Where can our readers follow your work? I mostly place my work on online galleries, as that requires little time. I no longer have time or an interest in spending a lot of time to organize an exhibition, and online galleries reach the entire planet instantly – My work can be seen here: and There are more than 55,200 artists on the above site and for some reaching I am mostly number one in popularity, and daily receive between 1000 – 3000 visitors. Find me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER A few people have recently made videos of some of my work for YOU TUBE – Artists WantedBraquePicassoTimes Square Billboard PremierUlrich de Balbian


INTRODUCTION Attached a selection of a few examples of many different media employed by de Balbian. Others are performance, video, a maze of vast paintings, etc. The selection is not at all representative of the many different media, hundreds of different styles of painting, and the individual series the artist creates, works in and develops etc. We are a newly opened, private fine art foundation and home studio, working almost exclusively with the Ulrich de Balbian collection. Our aim is to educate, enlighten and inspire absolutely everyone in one form or another for the better. Dr Ulrich de Balbian has created a body of work so vast and vastly different and complex to that of anything known thus far. His unique and many different styles, his ways of working, exploratively, reflectively in series of 2, 4, 10 etc, colour, form, composition, media are deliberate and intentional. He produced some of the most incredible visual art pieces in the world. Some of his work from 2013 on was done specifically for computer reproduction. It is mind boggling when one comes to the realisation of just exactly what has been created in many different styles and media. The complexity of his body of work, in all its many forms, are like a giant puzzle Our mission is to have every single painting archived, preserved and presented in unique ways in a number of different rooms and purposely built galleries (traditional, in tents, gardens, on computer). We offer an extensive video and paintings library. Anyone can come and for a nominal fee have the pleasure of browsing our libraries in the comfort of our gallery. Seven outdoor galleries for events and shows (weather permitting and per appointment) can be arranged for private and/or group/public exhibitions. during the day, at night and in the dark as torch (candle) lit tours. Art maze is a 150 meter long, artificial, high wall maze created from gigantic art work. This is an original way of displaying some of his massive work on canvas, board, hessian, sacking and grain silo flooring. We have used the art maze successfully in our art tours by torch light. Collectors suite is a gallery for potential art collectors to have a great experience by living in a gallery for a day, complete with self catering facilities and has to be experienced. This gives a VIP experience no one will ever forget whilst being served pack after pack (hundreds of packs containing 200 pieces each) of masterpieces to choose from at their leisure. Model home studio. We have created a studio for the Foundation where all the work is done. This is a very attractive and awesome room filled with art of all kind. Private gallery/GALLERY ULRICH is a traditional gallery with non-traditional art. Some of the great works will be exhibited in this space and it will rotate every 3 months from now on. Any visit to our foundation will leave you satisfied, with the artist’s serious, philosophically explored, reflecting on art styles and history and frequent tongue in cheek references. We have a money back guarantee policy to every person who visits our foundation. If you are not satisfied that we made your day, we will fully reimburse your entry fee with a complimentary drink. Art and public style philosophy (the rage in the US, France, UK etc in cafes, public spaces, etc) therapy and discussions are available by the artist trained in these subjects, psychology and cognitive science (see his many books and 3000 articles on art). A preliminary video tour of the Foundation can be seen on our Facebook page we started to create for the Foundation. Website - Where free downloads of manuscripts of the artist’s books on philosophy, art, spirituality is available - Address/contact details - Ulrich de Balbian Fine Art Foundation 17 Vierde Laan.Moorreesburg. W.Cape. Delton Young Manager/curator (27) 844604541 / (27) 748442956 See Show Stretch Subvert norms for Perceiving Thinking Being (living) 1 Community involvement and employment preparing vast 20 metres supports for artist from grain silo sails saved from municipal rubbish dumps 2 Magical hovering, floating external, bathroom with silver, black and white toilet paper in garden installation. Why discriminate and wipe your backside only with white toilet paper and not silver or black?2019 3 Title “I don’t wana be” a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc and be bound by those norms, but an artist who sees, shows and stretches them Painting 2 metres x 1.50 metres. Acrylic and enamel paint on tar strip, recuperated at municipal rubbish dump, mixed media, hand made frames from discarded wood found at dump.2019 4 Happy Birthday Wedding Boy. Medium, acrylic, installation of bed (.. Painting on top (front image) and bottom (back of bed image) of bed of honeymoon couple. On bed base with centre that moves up and down mechanically, as if two individuals are occupied on it under the blankets.2019 Happybirthday wedding boy from the back 5 Box with Tactile art, with almost invisible, banned by law, object inside. (old flag). Audience participation, viewers wear monk’s robe and sign contract not to divulge or discuss the banned contents of the box. 2020 6 (a) Painting (one of many thousands), mixed media on discarded, found card board boxes, This one 1.5 metre by 75 centimetres, acrylic, oil and pastel. 2014 Forbidden fruits. 6 (b) Painting on discarded, found card board box, acrylic, this one 1.5 metre by 75 centimetres, acrylic, 2019 Homage to Tapies forms Painting and drawing on plastic, 4 metres by 2 metres, acrylic, oil, pencil, water colour, pastel. With wooden frame made from discarded wooden beams on rubbish dump.Used as installation in a garden maze consisting of 50 vast paintings. 2019 Exploration (title) Installation - 2020 Broken home 9 a 1.50 x 1 metre, acrylic on canvas, 2012 Strong forms Acrylic on board 1.5 x 75 metres, 2019 exploration 1 OMG, BIG O, BIG M, BIG G!!! This was a spur of the moment installation. I happen to just finish painting my new gallery, and sorting out a bag of cloths that happened to be this load of clergy garment Ulrich de Balbian Fine Art Foundation Loadshedding ,Dark room art tours. 10 Galleries, 150 meter art maze. Art silo. Model home studio, Art tours by torch light, Paintings library, art lessons, installations. An intimate art experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Come join us for a rare view into an artists life. 0844604541 this is only a few of one series. Come enjoy our paintings library for a weekend in our collectors suite/art room, and be satisfied that you get the right series for you. 9c Acrylic and oil on canvas, 1.50x 1.25 metres, 2015 Contrast strong and soft forms 1.75 x 1.25 metres, acrylic on canvas, 2016 Gentle, formal, precise 1.50 x 775 cms series of exploration of forms and colour, Acrylic on blue sail with wooden frames from discarded wood. 2019 Another example of exploration of strong forms, Art Brut, acrylic on blue sail, wooden frame from discarded wood, 1.50x 1 metre 2019 10 Art maze consisting of hundreds of vast ( 4 metres x 2 metres) paintings (oil, acrylic, mixed media) on sacking, hessing, canvas, board, etc. Also when in construction 2020 First ever public appearance in the new art foundation art foundation artwork warranted a legal warning from authority. legal warrent BLACK GALLERY ONE OF MANY EXCITING EXHIBITS WE HOST. BLUE GALLERY ONE OF MANY EXCITING EXHIBITS WE HOST. GUARDIANS OF THE GALLERY INSTALLATIONS BY DELTON YOUNG. The GARDIANS OF THE GALLERIES are a gang of monks that are placed in our gallery as supernatural security. RAINBOW BRIDGE GALLERY one of many exciting exhibitions we host. HOMAGE TO LEON SCHUSTER Before and after photo of a "poep-pol"

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