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Welcome to MJR Gallery where art is the main event. Here are our blogs dedicated to exploring and celebrating the world of art. Our mission is to bring you the latest news, reviews and interviews from the art world.

We want to showcase the beauty, diversity and power of art, while encouraging everyone to be creative and share what they love. Whether you’re a budding artist, an art enthusiast or just curious about the art world, MJR Gallery is the blog for you.


Wild At Heart

My smile may be

smooth, inside I am

still wild at heart

The tulip. A cultivated flower, sleek and smooth, perhaps one of the most minimalistic flowers.

But even such a flower – perfected to human taste – must have a wild side, which we normally don’t see, don’t you think?

The results of a search down to the heart of the tulip in a triptych, an answer to the question if there is still something of the original wild variety in the flower as we know it…

‘Wild at Heart (2)’ is a one of the photos in this triptych in the gallery ‘Floral souls’, a gallery with flowers like you have never seen them before…

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