City Of Dusk 12 - Philharmony

City Of Dusk 12 - Philharmony

By Dieter Hanf

    A scientific study came up with the result, that more than 30 billion people could live on Earth in 2050. This made me think about the living condition in the future. If the population will increase like that, Megacities must be all over the planet to give people a chance to live. Nevertheless, this will cause many challenges for architects, engineers, building companies, politicians and many more, but first for the inhabitants themselves. The series is about some reflections and special topics of Megacities.

    Well-planned building complexes and cities are reminiscent of musical compositions. Just as the well- tempered and structured as well as soulful interplay of strings, winds and rhythm can result in a melodious symphony, a well-planned city represents the philharmonic basis for the life of the people in it. What kind of future songs or compositions could that be?

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