Stone and Sands

Stone and Sands

By Bea Dušek & Dieter Hanf

    Inspired by the incredible formations of sand-stones found in the South-West of the USA.

    Nature is an incredible artist and needs to get protected. The unique ensemble of artwork and furniture in the design of the art is created to combine the art of furniture making with and lead by the art itself. Dusek and Hanf are creating unique ensembles by using highest quality standards.


    The Original Artwork is created by Dieter Hanf, Germany

    Hand signed and individualised with Gold Leaves, 

    Ultra High Definition Pigment Print on

    Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper

    110 cm /43,3 in x 82,5 cm / 32,48 in

    The ensemble comes with a Certificate of Authencity


    The 2-seater is created by hand, made from beech wood in Italy and upholstered by hand.


    The price includes the cost of packaging, delivery.  Excise or similar duty may be applied in addition by the importing country.