The Power of Gold

The Power of Gold

Original By Alison (Miller) Constantino

    Acrylic on canvas. 12(h) x 16 (w) inch


    This painting is inspired by a song written by Dan Fogelberg, “The Power of Gold.” The words in the song warn of the “good” and the “bad” – both sides of the coin – that money affords us! 


    “The Power of Gold” sung by Dan Fogelberg

    The story is told of the power of gold

    And its lure on the unsuspecting 

    It glitters and shine, it badgers and blinds

    And constantly needs protecting


    Balance the cost of the soul you lost 

    With the dreams you lightly sold

    Are you under the power of gold?


    The letters and calls got you climbing the walls

    And everyone wants a favor

    They beg to remind you of times left behnd you

    But you know the past is a loser


    The face you’re wearing is different now

    And the days run hot and cold

    Are you under the power of gold?

    The power of gold


    You’re a creature of habit, run like a rabbit

    Scared of a fear you can’t name 

    Your own paranoia is looming


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